Individual Counseling



ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS provides individual counseling sessions for many personal issues.  Although group counseling tends to be productive for clients in substance abuse programs, DWI education programs and anger management programs, traditional one on one counseling sessions are often the preferred method to provide counseling for many difficulties that people may experience.  One on one sessions are more personal and focused.  Clients experience an array of difficulties and it is often helpful to discuss these with an objective professional.

At ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS we understand that although it is often difficult to call and make an appointment for counseling, you will probably find that it is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family.  When the problems continue to surface after you and those close to you have tried to resolve them, it is time to seek some help.  Knowing when to seek help is a sign of strength – not weakness.

The counseling professionals at ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS see clients for many personal issues such as anxiety, depression, stress, family frustrations, codependency, gambling problems, and relationship difficulties.  In one on one sessions the focus is on the individual for the full session.  We will always start the process with procedures to assess and focus on clearly defining the reason for seeking help.  We generally use cognitive behavioral counseling methods and adhere to the  brief counseling model whenever possible.  Some clients see us for longer periods of time,  but most cite significant progress with a brief counseling model.