Ignition Interlock


pills and capsulesASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS is a service partner of GUARDIAN/LIFESAFER Inc., a well known national ignition interlock device (IID) corporation. An ignition interlock is a breath analyzer installed into a vehicle to prevent a person from starting the engine after consuming alcohol.  The vehicle operator must take and pass a breath test before the vehicle will start.  If the driver registers a breath alcohol below the allowed limit the vehicle will start.  Periodically, while the vehicle is in use, the device will require a running retest to ensure that the driver is continuing to drive sober.  An IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE is a tool to advance public safety, allow revoked or suspended drivers to regain driving privileges, maintain employment and assist those individuals who desire to address a drinking problem. We provide IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE service at our ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS Sunset Hills location for installation, monthly calibration, and de-installation as required by court order or Missouri Department of Revenue requirements.

As of July 2009, the Missouri Department of Revenue has required the installation of an IGNITION INTERLOCK DEVICE for license reinstatement if a person has more than one drinking and driving offense on the driving record. In some cases the court or probation officer may order the interlock device. ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS services comply with all Missouri Department of Revenue, court ordered or probation requirements.

*In 2013 the State of Missouri law changed, making it possible in some cases for those with two- and five-year revocations to obtain a hardship license with a proper interlock device on their vehicles.  Please call our office, speak with your attorney or call the Missouri Department of Revenue for more details of the ignition interlock requirement.

We always recommend that you consult with your attorney.

*ASSESSMENT & COUNSELING SOLUTIONS also provides camera/GPS devices for individuals with a five-or ten-year denial on their record. Again, you may be eligible for a hardship license with the interlock.

Our services are priced competitively and we can usually install devices within 48 hours of a request. Call 314.849.2800 for information/pricing.